Bemidbar (Numbers) 2:17 – 3:4

There is a 5 fold structure to the Camp of Yahweh (5 is also the number of Grace)

Yahweh is in the Center

The Priests/Levites are next

Then the Children of Israel by Tribe

The Nations are the outer parts

Yahweh resides at the heart, the center of His

people. In this arrangement, we can see a

teaching on the Principle of Association, and

the evidence of Levels of Sanctification.

The Principle of Association

The focus of this principle is the Father YHWH Himself. His image is pure Holiness and

Perfection. Everything that He is defined by is the center and focus. His people are given the

responsibility to be His Image on the Earth. The physical order of the camp demonstrates this

concept in the physical in the way the different groups are commanded to by placed around the

Ark of the Covenant inside the Set Apart place. YHWH Himself resides in the Set Apart Place.

Therefore, those people who are commanded to camp in the location closest to the center, should

be the closest image to YHWH of all the people. This is an object lesson on the principle of

association. The High Priest camped closest, then the Levites, then the Israelites by tribe, then the

nations. The physical location of these different groups in proximity to the place where The Holy

One resides is to translate into the Spiritual in that each of these groups with regard to their

physical association also are to demonstrate a more perfect Image of Yahweh to the world.

The Levels of Sanctification

This teaching is similar to the Principle of Association except maybe it goes a step further in that

although the focus is still on the Perfect Holiness of YHWH, the ability of one to draw near to

Him is a product of one’s cleanliness . This cleanliness is achieved by following the instructions,

statutes, right rulings, and commands of Yahweh. He gives us the instructions. Sanctification is

cleanliness. From outer camp moving inward to the Holy of Holies, the level of sanctity required

of each person increases as we move closer to The Place of the Holy One.

Levitical Priesthood

Malkitsedeq Priesthood

The organization of the camp by YHWH can be seen as a representation of the physical body.

The flesh layer is represented by the Children of Israel. They have the responsibility of being the

Image of YHWH to the Nations or the world. When the world looks at Israel, they should see the

Image of YHWH. They should conduct their lives in a way that reflects the Creator to the World.

Just as we look at each other and see the outer skin that contains all the inner parts, the world

looks at Israel as the outer image of the Holy One of Israel. They were ALL supposed to be a

Kingdom of Priests. But as we know, they like us have failed. The Israel layer is the flesh image of


YHWH is the heart. He is the creator and sustainer of everything in the universe. Likewise the

human heart is the sustainer of life in the body. If the heart is not continually pumping blood

throughout the body, it dies.

The life of the Torah, the instructions of YHWH originate with Him, and from Him it goes out

and manifests itself. It starts in the heart and goes out. It starts in the heart and goes out from

there into our feet, hands, our members to then be able to perform that which is in the heart.

Anyone can READ the LETTER of the law and know and do what is says to do, but the desire to

perform it out of love for Him has to come from the inner, from the heart.

Many congregations today are so deeply rooted in tradition and their own imposed church

doctrine that there is no room for the heart. People perform their duties at church or assembly by

rote habit and ritualistic, weekly attendance. There is an idea that if one performs certain actions

as if they are performing a checklist of instructions, that this is righteousness. This is shaky

ground. They are doing it in their flesh, there is no communion with the Holy One, no

connection. Dead/vain ritual vs. Living Faith

What is the difference between a

tabernacle and a temple? People

GO to a temple, while a tabernacle


Yahweh set the children of Israel

as a military camp arrangement.

Why is Judah where it is?

1. Judah was the largest

2. Rueben/Simeon – were cursed

3. Judah – the Royal Line.

From Genesis 49:8, when Jacob was blessing and prophesying concerning His sons: “You,

Yehudah, your brothers praise you; your hand is on the neck of your enemies; your father’s

children bow down before you.”

“All will bow down” to Judah. In the ordering of the camp by YHWH Himself, He places Judah to

the East of the Tabernacle of Meeting. Judah is to head out first and lead the way. In this position,

all tribes are looking to Judah. Everybody is following Judah

We are one body of many members

YHWH made order out of a mob! When the people left Egypt, they were a mixed multitude. A

mob of slaves, beaten down and tired. Yahweh purposed to turn them into an organized fighting

army and government so that they could survive and get to know Him and make it to the

Promised Land.

He orders them into 12. Four groups of 3. Gad gets moved into a tribe on its own because Levi

was not to be numbered in the Fighting Force in the outer camp. More on this in future portions.

12 is the numeric representation of perfect government

YHWH is the author of the government. Beginning His Kingdom.

Beginning of His establishment of is Kingdom/government

YHWH is the author of order

From the book “Numbers in Scripture” by E. W. Bullinger concerning the number 12:

Twelve is a perfect number, signifying perfection of government, or of governmental perfection.

It is found as a multiple in all that has to do with rule. The sun which “rules” the day, and the

moon and stars which “govern” the night, do so by their passage through the twelve signs of the

Zodiac which completes the greaqt circle of the heavens of 360 (12X30) degrees or divisions, and

thus govern the year.

Twelve is the product of 3 (the perfectly Divine and heavenly number) and 4 (the earthly, the

number of what is material and organic).

12 signs of the Zodiac


Ezekial 40 – 48

12 Gates of City Walls

12 Disciples, and many, many more.