****Praise Report****

Yesterday afternoon, while changing from my clinic treatment attire back into my military uniform for my trip home from work, I had a heart-changing experience. In my thoughts and mind, I was scourging someone for their ways, behavior, and character. Then – all of the sudden – I hear a still small voice, “watch yourself, so that you do not murder in your heart.” I was stricken with awe! This has never happened to me. I have been praying for months for YAH to show me my ways and clean me up – the deep parts – the heart. I know in my spirit this was direct communication from the Ruach HaKodesh to me, Lora. No person directed me, for no person knew my thoughts at that moment but The Holy One and me. I began praising Him immediately for this correction. I need more and more and more. I have asked that He engrave this experience into my heart with the sharpest of scalpels so that it remains there forever. I am so filled with joy! This is the greater Torah, THIS IS THE GREATER TORAH! I will lift Him up, exalt Him and praise Him. Thank you my Father, Amein.