Who is it that can claim the protection of the Almighty? People throw around terms like “salvation,” “blessings,” “covering,” “protection.” We use these terms in connection with our faith and who we worship. Upon what faith, and by who, are these things granted us?
The Creator of the Universe in His Word tells us: Those who’s Faith is in Yahushua (Jesus) AND WHO KEEP HIS COVENANT!
This Truth runs from Genesis to Revelation. The reason it is so strongly on my mind today is the Torah portion of the oracles of Balaam, specifically Numbers chapters 23-24. This portion seems really to be just a “snap shot” of the story of us; what happens when we are in the covenant and what happens when we are out of the covenant.
Numbers 23:8
“How can I curse whom El has not cursed? And how do I rage at whom YHWH has not raged?

This is the prophet Balaam speaking to an enemy of Israel, King Balaq of Moab and the Midianites.
King Balaq of Moab wanted the prophet Balaam to curse the Children of Israel, because he feared them. They were an army of people, about 2.5 million, traveling through the lands to get to the Land of Promise. Israel had already defeated the Amorites and the Kenanites because they had refused the offering of peace by Israel, to simply travel through their land. Moab had not long since been defeated by the Amorites, and so his fear of this people was justified. This history is important and interesting, but for this article I want to focus on the “why” was Israel successful in their battles.

Israel had just spent 2 years at Mt Sinai being taught by the Creator, YHWH Himself through Mosheh. Then the forty years spent in the wilderness “living the covenant.” As a people, they were living in the instructions, commandments, right-rulings, and proper worship of YHWH.

This is where the protection lies!

Do we, as modern day Israel, understand this concept? I hope so – it is our protection!!!

The promises in the Scriptures, given to us by the only One who can make and keep Promises – are based upon HIS covenant and our ability to KEEP it, GUARD it, KNOW it, as best we can.
People read the scriptures, and take the promises of Our Father to themselves and expect Him to deliver, without holding up their end of the covenant. This behavior is extremely dangerous, and I am putting out the warning to whoever is reading this article.


Case in point back to the account of Balaam, Balaq, and Israel. No one could harm Israel when they were living in covenant with YHWH. Even the prophet of YHWH could not curse them or cause any harm to come upon them. At the end of this portion in Numbers chapter 25 – Israel begins to mix by marrying into the Moabites, fall into idolatry, and their protection is withdrawn. Two thousand people are stricken with a plague.

Pick up your Bible, read the Torah – the first five books of the Bible – learn how to be obedient and serve YHWH! Forget about what you have learned while sitting in a pew at church. Your “listening” is NOT ENOUGH! If it is not worth it to you to do it now, while there is time, when the chaos begins, it will be nearly impossible.