“To do the Will of My Father.” ┬áSpoken by the Creator of the Universe and all that is in it. Isn’t that wonderful? My Creator has given me written instructions on how “to do the will of My Father.”

Who else has done this thing? There have been men by the hundreds who have tried their best to tell me the meaning of life. Allow me to name a few:

Ghandi, Mohammed, Aristotle, Buddha, Socrates, St Augustine, Plato. What these men all have in common, other than the obvious, is they wrote about the meaning of their life. That is all one can really do.

So I declare my own ‘the meaning of life’ and that is “to do the will of My Father.” For me, there is no permanent joy found in anything else. At times in my life – I thought I was doing the will of My Father, but I was actually doing the will of men. I had a naive trust and faith in teachers, pastors, preachers, scholars, and even my parents (but I do not blame them whatsoever). It was not until I was forced to look for myself to find my meaning of my life, which I have discovered MUST be in harmony with my Creator. This is one reason I find each day to be so very thankful for all I have experienced thus far, even the bad stuff. I wonder at times if this is true for everyone. After all, we are all created by the same Creator (by the way-that is not my opinion, but a fact). I know I see a lot of miserable people in the world. Are they miserable because of the same reason I WAS? Trying to survive and find meaning in a world that fed me lies about happiness and success, supported by a church that fed me false doctrines and empty traditions, and raised in a home based upon humanistic philosophy? I wonder. Anyone should be able to admit that what I have described as my beginning is a far cry from being led to “to do the will of my Father”

And yet here I am! I am grateful, joyful, thankful, loving. I have peace, security, hope, direction. I found these thing by “doing the will of My Father.” Amazingly enough, it was available for me all the time, He just had to take me to the point of surrender. He had to allow me to follow all the other empty roads, and then….. He handed me His Instructions. That is pure love. I love His Torah, I love His Yahushua, because He first loved me.