One reason I love to run is I always find my mind and thoughts going straight to Yahushua (Jesus). I usually begin thinking about His Word and how much I love it. My mind wanders across verses and scriptures that I have recently studied, or some that I find especially comforting.

The past 6 months – Psalm 91 has been one that I have taken into my heart and memorized almost completely. I abide in Him. I go to His secret place, under His Wings. He keeps the tempter away from me. I say of YaHWeH “You are my strength and my stronghold, in You alone will I trust.”

It got me to thinking about the common statement by people when they are stressed or feeling anxiety, “I am going to my happy place.”  I have even said that before. So I prayed to My Father to help me to remember this morning, my run, and His comfort to me. That He alone is my Joy, My Strength, My All in All, My Complete Portion. I need no other place. I love Him.