Ugh! It is starting already: people making plans for their children and themselves for Halloween. I am saddened by it. If they only realized what they are choosing to do, surely they would not be engaging in the ritual, and teaching their children to do so too. But who is going to tell them, but YaHuWaH Himself and His Yahusha. I wonder if they are searching for Him at all during the week, at night, in prayer? Or are they so busy and think that things are ‘good enough.’ It got me to also thinking – what is something I can do different THIS year to be a better witness of Yahusha’s Truth and His Torah, commands, statutes, and judgements. I began praying while I ran asking for guidance from the Set-apart Spirit of the Holy One of Israel.
I could think only of how wonderful it is be given the opportunity to observe His statutes and His Holy Feasts in my lifetime. It is Life unto Salvation! So much freedom in knowing “for sure” that I am doing what pleases Him. Throwing off the empty pagan-based stuff that I now find abominable! Just as He does – HalleluYaH!! Praise be to my Elohim!
Near the end of my run, I heard a quietness in my spirit that just said “Tell them your King, your Messiah desires that you have nothing to do with paganism, that you are walking out being the Bride of the Bridegroom and you want to be found faithful.” I almost starting crying – like I always do. I love Him so. Thank you Yahusha. The greatest love story of all creation: You and Your People!