Well…… we had been waiting 3 days to hear from Israel or to see the sliver of the New Moon telling us of YAHUAH’s declaration of the 1st day of the seventh month so that we could meet with Him on His appointed time, declared from the beginning of time itself. The anticipation was growing with each passing sunset when we would faithfully check with our brothers and sisters in Israel – whether or not they had spotted the New Moon, and also simply walk outside and look toward the sunset for the New Moon ourselves. Many had already declared Yom Teruah and the 1st day of the seventh month (which was not the 1st without the new moon), but I couldn’t help thinking “how can they celebrate and call the Feast when there is no moon in sight anywhere?” But that is how it is with traditions and man-made things ….. they make no sense.

This is a New Moon Sighting

Now, some background information for this week. My husband had found a shofar (a ram’s horn) that he truly liked a couple of weeks earlier, and he wanted  it so badly. We already have two beautiful shofars, but he wanted this one. So we agreed to purchase the shofar, along with a prayer shawl for both of us. We also decided that someone else could use one of our other shofars since we were getting another one – and so we agreed to give it to a loved one, so they could also observe the Feast, the appointed time of YAHUAH with zest.

So while we waited for our things to arrive, we boxed up our shofar and sent it away half way across the United States from where we live. Then…….. the day arrives when the New Moon must be sighted, or declared due to the 30th day of the month of Elul (the 6th month), and my husband still does not have his beloved shofar. Spirits are kinda down, but still very exited about the possibility of the New Moon and all the praise and worship we will be doing. Not only an appointment with our Creator, but a Sabbath too! Doesn’t get more exciting than that!

Sunset that evening where we live was to be 7:54 PM. The beautiful sliver of the New Moon HAD been sighted over Jerusalem, so we knew it would happen this evening, and we were also preparing for Shabbat. UPS usually delivers at our house at 6:30 PM, and it was now 7:00 PM and no delivery. My husband and I were secretly still holding out hope we would get the shofar and prayer shawls.

All of the sudden the door bell rang – and it was our blessing from YAHUAH!!!! One of the most beautiful shofars we have seen, and our prayer shawls too!!! Our Father gave a us a memory of provision, a monument to remember.

His Beautiful Gift to us

Theme: Queen Ester

Theme: The Torah

We opened our Father’s Sabbath with prayer and thanksgiving, then I promptly ran outside to see the New Moon – I saw and ran inside to give the great and good report and we celebrated, shouted, and blew into the night and into the Sabbath!!! What a wonderful time and memory that we will have forever with our Creator and Father!


Leviticus 23:23

Numbers 29:1

Matthew 25:13

Revelation 11:15