Malkut Shamayim

The Kingdom of Heaven, i.e. the Kingdom of YAHUAH Elohim. In this phrase, as in many

other expressions dating from the last half of the Second Temple period, the term

“heaven” is used as an evasive synonym {a word or phrase that means the same thing, but saying something else so as to not “say the real word or phrase”} or circumlocution {a paraphrase}  for YAHUAH, the personal name of the Almighty. The fact that, in the Apostolic Writings, the term “heaven” is a circumlocution or evasive expression for the personal names of YAHUAH, is widely

misunderstood in Christianity—hence the deplorably otherworldly and pagan “we are going to heaven for eternity”  is a myth.

The truth is that the Malkut Shamayim is coming to the redeemed remnant of mankind and to the earth. What has been lost in Adam, is gained and restored in Messiah Yahusha, the corporate representative of the Yisra’el of Elohim—redeemed Yisra’el and Gentiles grafted into the commonwealth of Yisra’el.

We have the firstfruits now, but the fulness comes later—when Messiah returns.

The teaching of some dispensationalists that there is a difference between the “Kingdom

of Heaven” and the “Kingdom of God” is an incorrect teaching dating from a time when

there was little appreciation of the communication principle of hermeneutics.

The Malkut Shamayim is a present reality. If I stand next to a table, I would say, “the

table is near.” This refers to spatial nearness. Likewise, the expression “the Kingdom of

Heaven is at hand or near” refers to its actual, spatial presence. The Malkut Shamayim is

a present, dynamic reality. In the fulness of time, it will become a physical reality on

earth. It is “here now but not yet in its fulness.”

The Malkut Shamayim is:

ì The supreme rulership and absolute sovereignty of YAHUAH Elohim. The Kingdom

of Heaven is the Kingship of YAHUAH. Remember that, in the Apostolic Writings,

the term Heaven is often not a place, but an evasive synonym for the personal

name of Almighty YAHUAH.

ì YAHUAH ruling and reigning actively, forever and ever. Imparting His life, His

Ruach, His redemption to man, through the Son. The king is a saviour—see

Psalm 72. The Almighty redeems to rule.

ì The redeemed people whom YAHUAH rules over. All authority has been given to

the Son—Yeshayahu 40:10. The movement started by Messiah Yahusha is the

Kingdom of Heaven. Those who submit to His mastership are in the Kingdom.

The Kingdom owns us; we are the subjects of the Kingdom. King Messiah is not

only our Saviour but also our Master.

ì The supernatural manifestations of the Spirit of YAHUAH.

Some applications of how to operate in the authority and power of the Kingship of

YAHUAH and His Messiah:

ì Repent, turn around. Confess your sins. Be cleansed. Be clothed. Be equipped.

Be commissioned. Now go.

ì Live a kingdom-centred life? How? Do the will of YAHUAH—“Thy kingdom

come, Thy will be done.” The manifestation of His kingdom, His kingship,

expands on earth as more and more people know Him and do His will. Submit to

His authority. Be faithful and obedient. Do the will of our Father in Heaven.

How? Prayer and Scripture, prayer and Scripture, prayer and Scripture… Hear

and obey. All who call the Messiah Adon (Master) are not part of His movement;

only those who do the will of His Father in Heaven—Mattityahu 7:21. Those

who “name and claim” but do not obey are not in the Kingdom. We must take the

yoke of the Kingship of YAHUAH on our shoulders. How? By obeying Torah in

the measure it has been laid on us:  We should

bend the neck, put on the yoke, and do the work of the Kingdom. The yoke is

easy to bear, but it is still a yoke. The Kingdom is for free, but it costs everything.

ì Lead a life characterised by humility. Be not puffed up. The Almighty is in

charge; He placed all under His Son.

ì Beautify the commandments. When observing a commandment, do it with joy

and beauty.

ì Lead a life characterised by productivity and abundance in fruit. There is not a

single Hebrew word for “prosperity” in the sense of the accumulation of wealth.

Scripturally, prosperity refers to being equipped for what YAHUAH has sent us to

do. We should bear this fruit in the here and now, in our daily walk. As the Body

of Messiah, we share in the power of the Ruach that is upon Him. He is the

Bearer and Bestower of the Ruach. He bestows that power and authority to those

inside His movement. By the power and authority of YAHUAH in our lives, we

should bear abundant fruit and have abundant life.

ì Become connected to the community of the faithful. Be an active part of

Yahusha’s living movement; don’t try to be a “lone ranger,” a Rambo. Do not

fight battles alone; let the rest of the army support you in prayer. Think “we” and

“us” and not “I” and “me.”

ì Realise you are in continual spiritual conflict. Satan is upset when people leave

his territory and get into the Kingdom of YAHUAH. The Malkut Shamayim frees the

captives who are in Satan’s hold. The adversary takes offence at this and attacks.

You are part of a community engaged in conflict. So put on the full armour of

Elohim—truth, salvation, active witnessing, righteousness, the manifestations of

the Ruach HaQodesh, the authority of the names of YAHUAH and Yahusha.

Proclaim the mastership of Messiah Yahusha. Heal the sick, drive out demons,

set the captives free—by the power of Almighty YAHUAH and the authority given

to us by the Son.

ì Realise that the Kingdom is a present reality, but a reality that is manifest in

firstfruits-form. The Kingdom is in our midst individually and as a community of


Taken from Glossary of Hebraic terms, changing YHWH to YAHUAH.