Commandment number four of the Ten Commandments is:

“remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Set Apart” Exodus 20:8

The seventh day of the week is the Sabbath day. Why? In six days Elohim created the heavens and the earth and on the seventh day, He rested. Genesis chapter 1 and chapter 2:2.

I remember reading this as a child and it was pretty simple and straightforward. However… it seemed that something had happened. Why? Because I was going to worship and going to Sunday school on Sunday. I knew that Sunday was the first day of the week and that Saturday was the seventh day of the week so it was very confusing for me. But you know what? I trusted people. I trusted the adults in my life, I trusted my pastor, and all the other people who should have been wiser than I at that young age. Surely these people, all these people, knew something that I did not know.

All my life I was profaning God’s Sabbath day. Truly unbelievable when I think about this now. How can believing people do this? I just have to figure that Yahuah is blinding their eyes from this somehow. There is no other explanation. Surely they are not in utter rebellion against His Word… on purpose. I pray they aren’t and I also pray that He will open their eyes and circumcise their hearts very very soon.

Honoring His Sabbath day is more joy than can be expressed with words. Keeping the Sabbath – keeps me. A whole day with my Father every week. We (my husband and me) read His Torah, discuss it, study it, and talk about how we are going to apply it. Truly a day of refreshing, just to breathe Him in. Wish I had a house of many children to teach them this too.

When I keep the Sabbath, I am mirroring my Creator in the heavens during His Creation week. I work six days and rest on the seventh, just like He did. I image Him like I was created to do. I am no longer sending out to the world a false image or confusing image. I am on His rhythm, marching to His drumbeat.

The Sabbath is the everlasting covenant between the Elohim of Israel and His People. It is the sign we are His. I guess one of the more exciting things about the Sabbath is just know that alone. I am sure, sure, sure, sure – that I am doing His Will in this – keeping the Sabbath. The instruction is so plain and the blessings so plain and this one, I can do! I got this one! And it is such a joy to my heart, to know I am pleasing Him, doing what He has asked of me, and being His “proper” image to the world and the nations.

If you are not keeping the seventh day Sabbath, please listen to me – begin to do this. Time is truly getting short now and we never know when we shall be in His presence. We could perish this coming week and we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Does your heart desire to please Him? This is a sure way, He can know you are hearing Him, hearing His Voice. Keep His Sabbath like He said.