Have you ever had what you considered to be “A Perfect Day”?

It can be difficult, especially with all of the problems going on and corruption happening in today’s world. But I had one – a Perfect Day – just yesterday and I have to share it. It was so wonderful and I want to memorialize it so that I can look back and remember the details. I want to remember it for many reasons. It was full of joy, peace, deep and sincere gratitude, security, spiritual and physical wholeness. A taste of the Kingdom if you will. Oh if I could only have that 100% of the time! It will come, though, I know that for a surety.

It was October 4th 2013 – yes – just yesterday… and continued on into the evening and opening of Shabbat October 5th. I am off from working in the worldly system on Fridays which is a tremendous blessing in order to prepare for Sabbath each week. Of course this week’s Sabbath is extra special because it is also Yom Teruah, The Day of Remembrance of Shouting and Blowing of Trumpets.

So the fact that we were preparing for a Feast unto YaHUaH was gladness and joy enough. New moon of the 7th month was to be the night of the 4th of October. But October 4th was also another great time in that it is my wedding anniversary! My husband Charlie and I have been married for eleven years now. There was so much to prepare for and be joyous over!

We both awakened early and we had secretly obtained for one another a bouquet of fresh flowers and a card. It was entertaining that we both thought of the same token of our love: Fresh flowers. He got pink and white lilies for me and I got bright yellow daisies for him. They smell so wonderful with their blossoms and aroma being carried throughout our house.

If you were to know the details of how YaHUaH brought us together, all that we have been through together, and where YaHUaH has brought us to now… you would be astounded, as we certainly are. His handiwork and mighty strength of power has done all this.

After coffee and waking up a bit I began New Moon, Sabbath, and Feasting preparations. I put the homemade bread on its first rise and got that part going. Charlie had already procured the items for the feast earlier in the week. We wanted to have a meal fit for a King… because this Feast – the Day of Shouting is what we believe to be the night of His Return. We planned filet mignon, fresh steamed green beans, homemade challah bread, fresh strawberries with homemade chocolate dipping sauce, and pomegranate juice. Charlie and I have been on such a “change of lifestyle” eating schedule that truly this was going to be a great feast indeed!

After getting the challah bread started I then began light cleaning, mostly the kitchen. Then vacuuming and doing a little work outside in the yard too. Yard work is my quiet solace. I just love it. We don’t have a lawn mower and I clip the grass just a little each day in the most needed spots with hand clippers. I do truly love it and I know that is rather weird but what can I say? It is what it is. I put the challah bread on its second rise and continued with cleaning the house a little more. All the day I was kind of tired but such a wonderful feeling of it being my anniversary and that the King was coming to feast, I don’t know, I was simply energized from the inside out and was overwhelmed with a light-hearted and feeling of great joy that I enjoyed every minute of all I was doing.

Challah bread was put into the oven and more outside work done. All with my little dog Kate in toe of course. She follows me everywhere like my shadow does.


Now the house is looking much better and smelling like fresh-baked bread. Oh! It was wonderful!

Next, I began ironing and preparing our wedding garments for the Feast and meeting our King. White linen does not iron all that well but I was giving it my best, ha ha. So beautiful and I was so blessed to have them. We had them made a year and a half ago by a wonderful lady and sister of Faith who lives out it California. She is Zipporah Designs and I recommend her to anyone who would like to place orders for anything. She is wonderfully blessed with great talent and has the knowledge of what it takes to make appropriate priestly garments of linen, Katans, prayer shawls, tzit tzit or whatever is needed for praise and worship. Anyway – so the wedding clothes were now ready.

Challah bread is also ready. Cleaned off the dinner table where I had it cluttered as I always do with my studies, computer, and garden seeds. I know it drives Charlie crazy but he is so sweet not to give me too hard a time over it. Charlie and I both did some dusting and straightening of the house.

I began the work of making the chocolate sauce. Oh my goodness it turned out so very very good! Got the green beans washed and trimmed and ready to steam. Charlie broiled the beef and sautéed the mushrooms. I trimmed and washed the strawberries and got them ready. The whole home was just full of life, peace, and preparation. Charlie caught me smiling once and said, “what?”

I said, “I am just happy.” That is all I could say. Like I said in the beginning. “The Perfect Day”

We got the dinner table set and ready and it was so exciting.


Well, it got to be time for the mikvah and putting on the wedding garments and so we parted ways and accomplished the washing and dressing of ourselves.



At sunset we took of the bread and wine and said our Shema to open Shabbat. He blew the shofar over our meal and hailing the New Moon Day and Yom Teruah. My heart was dancing within me. It seemed them Kingdom was upon us and with us. We lit the menorah and we sat down and had a most wonderful and lovely feast together. Going on and on and on with how good it was, how blessed we are beyond our imaginations. We rested and read 1 Samuel chapter 20, Leviticus 23, and Matthew 17:1-13 and just could not stay up any longer. We had not had food like that since Shavuot! Ha ha ha. Truly YaHUaH’s Feasts have become true feasts for us and are more and more set apart and special with each passing year.


How thankful we are and were, to our Merciful and Loving Father to have allowed us to finally come into walking in truth on the Path of Torah with Him, and to have been given these times to commune with Him, Feast with Him, observe His Ways in real life. Perhaps the Kingdom is here… it is here when we walk it out with Him. Hmmm… many things to ponder.

So we closed out the evening with prayer and a kiss. The close of our eleventh wedding anniversary and the opening to Sabbath and Festival day. I am just not sure how it gets much better than this. But knowing our King… it is infinitely better than even this what He has in store for us. His Name is Great in Israel!!!! I love You, Oh Yah!

Happy Yom Teruah 2013!