I want to let everyone know that I was able to get my barley seed in the ground on 12 November 2013, the very night of our first frost for this winter season here in central Texas USA. I am excited to see how this goes. This is the very first time I have endeavored to grow barley. Why am I doing this?

Each year at the Festival of First Fruits… my husband and I struggle with exactly how to fulfill the priestly duties of waving our sheaf of barley before YaHUaH. Each year we have done it a little differently in our continued pursuit of how to accomplish keeping the instruction to wave our first fruits. Now that Abba has blessed me with a small garden I thought, “yes! of course! Let me plant some barley and see if I am given a blessing to be able to truly wave our true barley first fruits on the next festival day!”

Do I know what I am doing? No, ha ha ha… but I am trying. I am thinking the barley seed will sleep all winter in the dark, cold ground and then will awaken and sprout up when it is time in the spring. I will keep you all posted and take pictures along the way as well with dates. Can’t wait to experience all my Father has in store to teach me on this.


28 November 2013 (16 days after planting), this is what the barley looked like. Admittedly I am somewhat baffled as to why it has sprouted… but… simply going to walk this out and see what happens. Either way, I will learn what I am supposed to learn. Note the frost too!

IMG_0695 IMG_0696

16  Days old

16 Days old













Barley Update: December 9th 2013 (Barley is 28 days old)

We had ice and snow in West Central Texas! But look at that Barley! Just as green and healthy-looking as can be. Even through the freezing temps, ice, and snow. Wow! But I am starting to wonder about the remaining time we have until Feast of First Fruits… perhaps it really IS going to take that long to harvest. We shall see!

IMG_0706 IMG_0707 IMG_0708 IMG_0709 IMG_0710



Barley Update!!

These photos were taken on 14 Feb 2014. But I must supply you with some details of what has been happening here in Central Texas “weather-wise.” We have had: sun with 70 degrees (barley has remained shaded though mind you because the sun is not yet high enough in its path yet to cast sunlight upon the barley where it is planted about 15 feet from a south-placed yard fence) and then the next day and night 18 degrees!! We have had this cycle going every week for about 4 weeks now. We had 2 inches of pure ice and it stayed around for 3 days! We had freezing temps for over a week. We had some warmpth again with sun and 70 a couple of days with some of the sun now casting upon the northern-most planted barley. And you can tell how much the barley is enjoying that sunlight in that the northern half of the plot is about 1/2 inch taller than the southern half of the plot. Then we AGAIN had freezing ice, about 1/2 and freezing cold weather!

Well, when I took these photos to update you on the barley… we are warm again. And you can see the line of the casting of sunlight onto the barley in the first photo:

14 February 2014

14 February 2014

IMG_0712 IMG_0713

A month and a half ago, no sunlight was casting upon the Barley and it was completely in the shade all day and in freezing weather many days.

I tell you the truth. I have already learned A GREAT DEAL from this Barley. There is nothing that is going to take this barley down… nothing. The barley is an overcomer!!!! Just as Scripture says! I now SEE, I truly SEE why YaHUaH chose the Barley to represent the First Fruits of His Chosen. They truly are the overcomers. They are faithful, they flourish no matter the circumstances or their environment. They remain green. I mean, it is almost as they have a “sun” that we cannot see. How did they grow with no light? How did they remain green with no light and freezing temps? Reminds me of how in the Kingdom of Elohim there is no need for the sun because our Messiah will be our Light!! Amein!!! I am so thankful for this teaching and learning. I have a lot to work on and live up to… and so do you!