I tell you what… I have been caused to stumble upon the most amazing thing recently. This finding is so fascinating and incredible (and such a testimony of the creative design of our Father in Heaven), that I am literally “ticked off” that I have been cheated of this information all my life until now.

When you see what I am going to share, you may feel the same way. It is a fantastic scientific concept and study for science classes. And I know that it is not something I just “missed” in school because I was always at school, always in class, loved to read and learn from my textbooks so I did my work and homework and reading in all my courses. I particularly enjoyed all the math and science classes too. So I am absolutely SURE without question… I was never informed of this wonder. To me, it is one of the wonders of all creation heads and shoulders above some of the ones on mankind’s list.

It also has my head reeling and my imagination soaring with possibilities on what it could all mean! Could THIS… THIS be the tequfah many are clamoring about today on how to determine the new year on God’s Calendar? I don’t know, but it is worth investigating for sure!

I was not researching the tequfah by the way. I was searching out the time and day I could view the blood moon from West Texas this April when I stumbled upon this little bitty sentence on the earthsky.com website. This little sentence was just over to the right of the page of some of the events that were happening that week that “may” be of interest to some people. BOY! Am I so thankful Yahuah caused me to see that and take interest. I have had so much joy in thinking about it, researching it, learning about it… and I still am.

I just have to share this with you all now because I cannot contain my joy and I have to share it. I hope I can continue to learn more and more, but here is what I have to date.

Ok, where to begin? Well, I will just start where it first started for me. Here is the sentence that caught my eye:

TONIGHT | APR 15, 2014
Sundial noon and clock noon agree in middle April
By Bruce McClure

I thought… hmmm. That’s interesting. Wonder what that is all about? I did a bunch of research a little while back on the equinoxes and I must say what a huge disappointment and lack of excitement that was! BORING. 🙂 I mean no offense to anyone who places great importance on the equinoxes. It is just that a specific time for marking out with the equinox is so obscure.

Anyway – this sundial noon and clock noon sounded kind of like to me something that might be important for the topic of determining times… the type of times I am interested in…. the times *according to the sun, moon, and stars* type of times. The type of times that Yahuah creates and puts forth.

So I read the article. Did you know….

Every year around the middle of April, time by the sun and time by the clock agree. For instance, when the midday sun climbs highest in the sky in mid-April, the sundial reads 12 o’clock noon and your local clock time says 12 o’clock noon?

This happens twice a year! I did not even know that this event was tracked. And this is just the beginning. Here is a bit more…

At present, the length of the day as measured by successive returns of the midday sun is slightly less than 24 hours long. This slight daily discrepancy between the clock and the sun will accumulate until mid-May. In mid-May, midday – noon by the sundial – will come four minutes earlier by the clock than it does today.

After mid-May, day length as measured by successive midday (sundial noons) will become slightly more than 24 hours long. By around mid-June, noon by the sun and noon by the clock will agree once again.

Now this information led me to more information because I wanted to know more about this because I am thinking this is pretty significant. So I did some research and found out, that there is a thing called “The Equation of Time.” Have you ever heard of that? Nope, me either. So here is the graph of it…

Equation of Time

Equation of Time

Now, this is neat and fun to look at for a bit to try and understand what is being pictured here on a graph or map. See the minutes along the x-axis? Then there are the months along the y-axis and the line wave itself is the track of the sun along this time-line. There are some places where the sun crosses the “0” minute mark and so this is where the sun lines up with clocks (sundials) on earth. We have mid April, around beginning of June, around beginning of September, and end of December.

Now I admit, this is not all that exciting but it does get the juices flowing. One thing I did really like is that these topics on the subject discuss the fact that this event has been tracked and known for centuries, and used to be tracked with….. sundials!!! Did you hear that? sundials. That is how it was discovered that the sun, during each year, had times during its path or circuit, when it was straight up 1200 noon for the sun AND on the sundial. A definite event and marker for time. Fantastic!!

King Ahaz had a sundial.

Now – be ready to be amazed, be very amazed. Ok, so we know from calculus that graphs, sine waves and the like… are a 2 plane or 3 plane depiction of what is happening in the 3 or 4 dimensional space [forgive me for my lack of accuracy on these things, I am rusty as it has been a LONG while since I learned those things]. It is something that is happening in life and the points are plotted out according to an equation and that is what produces the graph, like what we see above.

So our next question is… what does this graph actually look like in real life? What are we supposed to see? What is the sun doing?

Have you heard of the term: analemma? Nope, me either. But you are about to, ha ha ha. Here is a pictograph of “an” analemma:



How about that??!! You may know this “symbol” as the Infinity sign, at least that is what I know about it. Where did it come from? I have not done that study yet, but be assured I will! Now, guess what? There is a thing called the SOLAR ANALEMMA.

Are you ready to see this? Here ya go. There is history with this too. It is so difficult to capture this, only about seven people have ever done it and people are still doing this today, every year. Here is what our sun does every year and we never knew.

Is that astounding or what? And there are more! I will post more photos at the bottom for you and please check out their websites as well.

Now what I am wondering… could *this* be the tequfah that scripture speaks of? Why not? So far in my studies, I have found truly only two seasons spoken of in Scripture: early rain and latter rain seasons, kind of representing springtime and autumn/wintertime. This concept of “2” seasons fits into this heavenly path of the sun each year. Each “circle” could represent “a circuit, or path” and this time of when the sun’s noon coincides with earth’s noon is that very place at the junction of the two circles: Mid April.

Anyway, this is my introduction of this topic both for myself and for you all. It is fascinating! Enjoy the photos below: they can be found at: http://www.perseus.gr/Astro-Solar-Analemma.htm

08:00:00 UT+2
Feb 02/02 – Dec 01/02
Ancient Delphi, Greece

s_solar-analemma-070000-UTC 09:00:00 UT+2
Jan 07/03 – Dec 20/03
Temple of Apollo,
Ancient Corinth, Greece

10:00:00 UT+2
Jan 07/03 – Dec 20/03
Athens, Greece

s_solar-analemma-090000-UTC 11:00:00 UT+2
Mar 30/03 – Mar 24/04
Temple of Hera,
Ancient Olympia, Greece

s_solar-analemma-100000-UTC 12:00:00 UT+2
Mar 30/03 – Mar 24/04
Temple of Olympean Zeus,
Athens, Greece

s_solar-analemma-110000-UTC 12:28:16 UT+2
Jan 12/02 – Dec 21/02
Athens, Greece