Did you know, that there are two crescent moons each and every month? TWO, not one. Of course this type of thing should be obvious to us if we understand that the moon waxes (increases in size) and wanes (decreases in size) each month as it makes its trek across the sky. The problem is, that rarely do we look up at the sky or heavens anymore to even have a chance to consider this truth. We have too much down here on earth keeping us busy with our attention 24/7 don’t we?

But yes, there are two crescents each month. One crescent is found near the beginning of a new month and this is the one we see in the western sky on the western horizon. This is the one that is used by many to declare a new month. They sight the crescent with their eyes and once at least two people declare they have seen it while standing in the land that is called Israel, then a new month is declared. From this time, the moon waxes and gains in size to become full and then begins to wane or decrease in size.

Which now leads us to the second crescent moon. It can be seen in the EASTERN sky each and every month. However, to see this crescent, we must be up early in the morning – around 5 AM – look east and there we should see it on about the 28th day of each month (on a lunar reckoning, not the Gregorian calendar of course). We will know when we have seen the last crescent for the month when we are up at 5 AM, look east and we no longer see the moon at all. At that point, we will know that a new moon will happen in 1 to 2 days.

After investigating the sky more than ever in my life for the purpose of trying to understand the heavens and what they are teaching us and showing us the past 3 years or so… I have learned a lot. I know, for instance, that if the illuminated side of the moon is on the west (or right side of the object), I know that we are still in the first half of the month. Then the size of the moon tells me where we are in the month: somewhere around 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 28 days. It really does come easy once an effort is put forth to do this. Then if the eastern side of the moon is illuminated — I know that we are in the later half of a month. So easy and so comforting to have progressed in this area. I am that much closer to not needing a calendar or clock to know what time it is – which is going to be very important in the coming years! And that much closer to relying on my Father alone and not man-made stuff, which gives my heart great joy.

After I noticed these things about the moon every month, I got to wondering: Is this what David was doing when he was out in the field that day with Jonathon? I have always wondered about that. I mean, if David could predict new moon day — then we can too. Now I know we can by just counting days and that is one obvious way, but I don’t think he was counting. He had a lot going on at that time in his life and he simply looked up and knew. That means I can too by golly.

Here is the 1 Samuel chapter 20 account of David and Jonathon:

And David fled from Nawith in Ramah, and went and said to Yehonathan, “What have I done? What is my crookedness, and what is my sin before your father, that he seeks my life?” And Yehonathan said to him, “Far be it! You are not going to die! See, my father does no big matter nor small matter without disclosing it to me. And why should my father hide this matter from me? It is not so!”

But David swore again, and said, “Your father knows well that I have found favor in your eyes, and he says, ‘Do not let Yehonathan know this, lest he be grieved.’ But truly, as YaHUaH lives and as your being lives, there is but a step between me and death.”

And Yehonathan said to David, “Whatever your desire is, I do it for you.”

And David said to Yehonathan, “See, tomorrow is the New Moon, and I ought to sit with the sovereign to eat. But let me go and I shall hide in the field until the third day at evening. 1 Samuel 20:1-5

In this exchange, we can witness that David (and Jonathon) both could tell when the new moon was to be marked. I like this too, because it is WAY before there was any rabbis, sanhedrin, witnesses, and courts. So certainly this time was before all the “documentation” of how witnesses would come forth who sighted the crescent moon to the sanhedrin to declare a new month. To me, it is, how can I put it… ‘cleaner’… without the muddying of the waters that men tend to do with their meddling, reason, and logic.

Now the next question is this: If David was looking up and saw nothing, he could have said “see, tomorrow is the new moon.” OR if David was looking up and saw a sliver or crescent moon with the sunlight highlighting the eastern side of the moon he could have said, “see, tomorrow is the new moon.” BUT there is NO WAY that David could have been looking up and seeing a crescent moon with the sunlight on the western side and said, “see, tomorrow is the new moon.” That particular moon would have been at least a day old moon and there would be no reason at all for David to say, “see, tomorrow is the new moon.”

Therefore, my position is that David saw the crescent moon in the morning and it was the last crescent of the month just before it would be between the sun and earth (a conjunction) and he knew that “see, tomorrow is the new moon.”

Then recently, we watched some teaching videos that were made concerning the new moon and my suspicions were confirmed. I will post the video links at the bottom of the article for you if you would like to view them. There are five total but each one is only about 20 minutes long so it is easy to get them watched. I am only sharing limited information in this article, but Mark Webb goes through proof after proof after proof and it is really good to be able to hear all the witnesses and evidences (many scriptural) at one time supporting the fact that IT IS THE EASTERN CRESCENT MOON THAT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW. So many are looking west when we should be looking east.

Here is the crescent moon in the west witnessed in the evening at sunset:

Crescent moon on western horizon

Crescent moon on western horizon

Here is the crescent moon in the east witnessed in the very early morning hours:

Crescent moon on the eastern horizon

Crescent moon on the eastern horizon

See what I mean by the location of the illumination? Its east isn’t it? So now you know. Something to think about…

Here is the link to the site where you can access the Five Part video teaching by Mark Webb along with the wonderful proofs:   (the links are near the top of the page site)

Let me know what y’all think. Shalom