“Blow the ram’s horn at the time of the New Moon (Chodesh), at the covered moon (kecah), on our festival day.

For this is a law in Yisra’el, and a right-ruling of the Alohim of Ya’aqob.” Psalm 81:3-4

Today: 5 June 2016 on the Gregorian calendar is the New Moon Day for the 3rd month of this year on the Creator’s and King’s calendar.

Happy New Moon Day to the Children of the King!!

He invites us to Feast with Him (1 Samuel 20:5)

The Temple Gates are open for us to enter in. (Ezekiel 46:1)

Let’s enter in, bow before Him, praise Him, Worship Him, and fellowship with Him. (Ezekiel 46:2-3)

New Moon Day is an Appointed Time, see Numbers chapter 28 for proof.

Tomorrow: Monday will be work day 1

Tuesday will be work day 2

Wednesday will be work day 3

Thursday will be work day 4

Friday will be work day 5

Saturday will be work day 6

Sunday will be THE SEVENTH DAY SABBATH (the 8th day of the 3rd month)

The seventh day rest after we have worked for six days.

We will be having fresh frozen garden vegetables from last year’s garden (because this is a Sabbath year), bread prepared last year, and fruit prepared last year. We will be blowing our shofars in shout and noises of praise to honor our Father and King for His Everlasting love and commitment to us through Covenant.