In this Episode of See and Hear the Spirit, Segulah speaks with Paul Mueller. She makes sure he tells you a bit of his life and journey and what makes him so perfect for the service that YaHUaH has chosen him to do in this time. Our Elohim always knows what He is doing and who He is choosing, and Paul is a perfect example. You will hear this man’s heart, his outward stubbornness concerning things of this temporary world but also his unrelenting pursuit of the Spirit of Elohim and Knowledge of the Truth. You will hear that he knows he is only a messenger and that his duty is to TELL and SHARE and DELIVER what he has been given from above… to all of us… whoever will receive. Paul says, ‘I want people to see what I see, and I will show them how to do that.’ The Paradigms are the Mysteries, yes, that our Messiah spoke about… but that is NOT the same thing as being unknowable to any who wants to know. The Kingdom is coming and if you DESIRE to be a part of what Elohim has designed you to be… GET BUSY AND GET READY!

Source: See and Hear the Spirit: Episode 5: Guest Interview Paul Mueller 11/02 by Segulah | Spirituality Podcasts