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I would like to introduce all of you to a new way of thinking and a new journey of study and life if you desire it.

Our Messiah, 2000 years ago, spoke to us in Parables. These parables were the ‘Mysteries of the Kingdom.’ These Mysteries of the Kingdom that He gave us through the Parables… were “keys to the Kingdom of God.”

The parables He spoke to us were to be used to unlock and decode all of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation for the purpose of hearing from Elohim and understanding Him… understanding the SPIRIT!  The problem was that no one could “see or hear” the Spirit of the Word which He was delivering to us.

Thousands of us (people) of faith “try” to see and hear the Spirit of Elohim. We typically do this through our intellect and the endless study of words, cultures, languages, and Webster’s dictionary of word definitions. We will *never* get to the seeing and hearing through this method of study. We also will never achieve the hearing, seeing, and understanding of the Spirit of Elohim through endless Torah Portions studies.

The Spirit of Elohim will never be discovered through the intellect of man. The Spirit of Elohim can only be discovered through the patterns of the language of the Spirit of the Word. The problem is… the language of the Spirit of the Word uses thousands of metaphors that change throughout the Bible!! The Good News is, that these thousands of metaphors can be boiled down to a very few denominators that ultimately reveal the language of the Spirit.

Please watch the following video postings to learn how to see and hear the Spirit of Elohim. He has spoken to us through repeating patterns, through many men and prophets, through sent ones, and through Messiah. Each of these men and persons used their own words and language to try their best to speak to all of us. Each of them spoke the language of the Spirit of Elohim and


all of these differing words and differing languages have revealed a PATTERN for our understanding of the Spirit of Elohim. These revealed patterns have been termed: Eternal Spiritual Paradigms.

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