My Name is Lora.

I have had an interesting life thus far. I do have a ministry, and it is called “my life.” I write about things I learn and desire to share with others. These things bring me joy and hope and I find joy and hope increases when I share them when others.

I am a dentist by training and education. As a child I desired only to be smart, successful, a professional in society. I was raised in a good home, poor but with lots of discipline and love. Education was highly stressed and I traveled down that path all my life until about 2 years ago. So after 13 years of higher education after high school, 2 years in private practice, and 6 years involving a military career in the Dental Officer Corps of the United States Air Force… I am now a homemaker full-time and happier than I have ever been.

I was raised in a christian church and heard the passion of Jesus for me when I was 9 years old. I believed. I experienced Him personally and set out to learn all I could of Him in the Gospels. From ages 9 – 18, the love for Him was strong and consistent and I spent a lot of time in the Gospel and (the New Testament). But when I began undergraduate… I pushed Him aside. Not on purpose, but I considered so many other things more important. I would not have admitted that – but my actions and where I spent my time was the testimony of the truth. My career was number one, then my marriage (first marriage). I married a catholic the first time around. He did not want to go to my church and I did not want to go to his church. So we really did not go to any church. Sometimes he went alone. Besides, all the church scenes I attended and all the times I tried Bible study groups, different churches looking for a home – nothing fit. Call me crazy but I believed I should be getting something out of what I was going there for. I also believed we should do what the Bible said to do. I really do not like “just doing something.” I have a deep need to have whatever it is I am doing, to have a productivity to it.

These thoughts usually catch up with me:

Why am I doing what I am doing?

Am I growing? Am I happy? Am I unhappy and grumpy? Why am I spending my time on this? Is this really important? Is this really true? Why do I have to “force” myself to do this?

These are the questions that I usually end up asking after a long while of trying to conform to something, or do something that is not really “my” heart – but pressed upon me by society, parents, husbands, or whoever or whatever. In the end, it was my decision to be pressed upon, thinking I was following my own heart and what I thought would bring happiness and success but only finding more confusion, dread, lack of fulfillment and a lot of frustration really. Not to mention exhaustion.

I made so many bad choices… so many. But that seems to be changing now that I am a middle-aged woman and on the road to finding my purpose according to what I was created to be.

Two years ago, I was a Major in the Air Force and successful dentist. I was on my way to a fabulous career as an officer and having everything in place for a career, an excellent income, health and dental insurance, and retirement! Boy, I was going to have a really good retirement income for myself.

But you know what? I was not happy from day-to-day. So many frustrations that were truly unnecessary. You see, my reality must match my faith. That is the primary reason I was not happy in churches, not happy in private practice making lots of money, not happy in the military career. Social acceptance is not worth denying the Word of God in church, Money is not worth treating people like cattle, and a good retirement is not worth serving a corrupt and evil administration, illegitimate commander-in-chief.

I have learned a lot. About myself and about the world. I almost fell for it all, but God (Yahuah Elohim) would not allow it and I am forever thankful and will praise His Name for as long as I live. He opened up His Torah to my husband and me in 2006 and our lives are forever changed.

I Support friends and family. I teach, cook, bake, write, pray, study, garden, and serve as ad hoc staff for a couple of ministries. That is about all for now about me.