I wanted to share with everyone the ups and downs, the exciting harvests, and interesting creatures I met during my first year ever planting and keeping my very own garden. I love being outdoors and experiencing Yahuah’s wonderous creation. I love digging in the dirt and watching things grow. Each seed is full of magic and amazing potential – all perfectly designed by our glorious Creator. I am forever in awe of how a tiny seed has within it so much information just waiting to be expressed.

I also found out how much daily and continual watching, watering, protecting, and keeping a garden requires. There were unending battles with the elements and critters.

I began the garden early in 2013 at the end of February… starting a few things indoors. Beans, tomatoes, lettuce. Well, I started too early of course (my anxiousness to get started backfired), but I learned my lesson there. Gardening sure does teach patience! Here is what I had going…. then…. we had to move! So it all had to come up. I was heart-broken.

Indoor sprouted bush bean - just amazingly beautiful!

Indoor sprouted bush bean – just amazingly beautiful!


First bed that had to be uprooted


I had corn, lettuce, fennel, tomato, turnips, cucumber, beans, carrots, onion, chives, broccoli, squash

When I learned we had to be moved by May 1st I just had to settle into the idea that I had to start over. I knew one thing… I was not going to give up! So I tried to salvage the more mature plants and some of them actually made it! Plus, the place we moved to had much better soil so in the end, it was truly a hidden blessing that was only realized afterwards. I find this to be so common. Many times in life we get upset over something that happens that was not in “our” plans, but if we would just calm down, trust Yahuah, He knows all and has something BETTER waiting for us.

So here is the garden, young and transplanted in the new place:

Fennel was beautiful, vibrant, and smelled wonderful

Fennel was beautiful, vibrant, and smelled wonderful

Everything is looking so green and beautiful. BUT, in West Texas, this did not last. We are still early on in the summer and the pests and drought and squelching hot temps have not started yet!

Romaine Lettuce & Turnip Greens

Romaine Lettuce & Turnip Greens


Cabbage     CalendulaCalendulaGreens

Around July:

IMG_0602 IMG_0601

The cucumber, corn, and squash are just going crazy! I am so very very excited but still awaiting some fruit from all of them. It seems to take forever!!!

Then, the war began. I was fighting drought, 102 degree temps, worms, aphids, flea beetles. I am telling you, there was a new beast and new battle every week! I was forever researching natural remedies to keep these pests at bay.

Here are some of the critters I encountered. The Hornworms devastated my potatoes! I did my best to stay ahead of them… picking them off, but they are very well camouflaged and did much damage very quickly.

IMG_0634IMG_0639I soon learned after looking them up on the internet that they are the ones who turn into this HUGE moth that I also saw later on.




There was also a pretty looking lady bug type of creature that was always on my green leafy vegetables. I never wanted to “do away” with it because I thought perhaps it was a type of lady bug and beneficial. After researching it for many days, I learned it was an Asian type lady bug imposter and was a bad character, so I had to fight them off every time I saw them.


They were a beautiful orange color with black stripes and white polka dots. Too bad they were pests and not pals 😦


I also encountered a black widow in my garden! First time I have ever seen one in person and I was very thankful I saw her before being bitten by her because I was always digging around in the soil where she was! I also saw a scorpion in my garden but I could not get a photo of him.

BlackWidow1 BlackWidow2 BlackWidow3






I took several photos of this gorgeous fella! He was awesome! IMG_0647 IMG_0648 IMG_0649 IMG_0650




I learned that zucchini have male and female blossoms, I never knew that.  zucchini zucchini 2 zucchini 3

I even became experienced at pollinating some of them which was fun.


Here is a beautiful creature who I think was a Katydid… not sure. I did have the hardest time finding out what some of my new found friends were online.

Ladybug_2013Kaydeedid The first photo is a true lady bug which I was transplanting to my garden every time I found one somewhere else around my house and yard.



Let me see if I have any more critters to share with you and then I will simply share all the photos from the First Harvest from Segulah’s Garden. All of which were a huge blessing from YaHUaH.

Oh yes, how could I have

forgotten about the abundant wolf spiders 
all over the place! This one is a mother
carrying her young with her.IMG_0615
IMG_0614 IMG_0613Have you ever seen such a site!




Finally, the harvest. We enjoyed the wonderful tasting blessings we received all summer. It is truly an amazing experience to plant, grow, care for, harvest, eat, and the PRAY AND THANK our Father in Heaven who gives us all these. He truly is the giver and sustainer of all life. Hope you have enjoyed this article I have shared. Shalom!

IMG_0683 IMG_0682 IMG_0681 IMG_0679 IMG_0678 IMG_0677 IMG_0676 IMG_0675 IMG_0612TomatoHarvest_2013