Happy 11th Chodesh for the year 5849!

Jan 30 11:39 PM

New moon time in Jerusalem, Israel. That would be Thursday, January 30, 2014. 

Welcome to the 11th Moon of the year 5849 from creation of Adam.

11:39 PM on Jan 30th was new moon for Jerusalem Israel. That new moon (chodesh) occurred during the unity of the day from sunset on the 30th of Jan to sunset on the 31st Jan. Because some of the old moon remained during the beginning part of the day (at evening) on the 31st of Jan…  that causes the 1st day of Feb to be the first full day of the 11th moon or month. I hope these evaluations help us to become accustomed to time-keeping the way we are supposed to or at least opens a door to further understanding on our journey of restoration.