Happy New Moon for year 5849 (Gregorian year 2014)

Our estimation is that this moon is the 13th moon for the year 5849 After Creation of Adam.

This new moon occurred from Jerusalem Israel on:

March 30, 2014 at  9:45 PM

Now, 9:45 PM in marking time according to beginning a day at sunset would actually have been 31 March. So all of 31 March is discounted as the new moon day because some of the day of 31 March would have contained the old moon.

Therefore, New Moon day was 1 April — Today, woo hoo! So Happy New Moon Day. We mark the 13th and last month of this year and we know that next new moon will be Rosh Chodesh for the year 5850 After Creation of Adam. Also will begin the counting to the days of Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits!

Also, since most of the Torah Keeping world is proclaiming Rosh Chodesh this moon because they are looking down and not up… looking down to the ground at Barley… I would like to go ahead and post a photo below of what the heavens look like as far as the sun, moon, and stars. We are not in the month of Aries, the month the children of Israel left Egypt. That is why our house will be keeping next moon as Rosh Chodesh – the sun, moon, and stars will proclaim the sign of the Lamb and the moon in which we left Egypt.

It is plain to see that the sun, moon, and stars are proclaiming the sign of Pisces.

Heavens 30 March 2014

Heavens 30 March 2014